IPL Photo Facial Rejuvenation – Face, Neck and Chest Treatments
While reclining on a treatment table, with protective eye gear in place, you will be carefully coached as the following occur:  a cool, clear gel is applied on the area to be treated.  A smooth crystal is gently placed in contact with the gel.  Then, a flash of light lasting a few milliseconds is delivered to the skin.  Once delivered, levels of energy specific to your treatment are absorbed by the targeted damaged area, with a minimal risk to the surrounding tissue.  This process is repeated with an overlapping until the entire face has been treated.  In the cases of irregular pigmentation, this light is absorbed by the pigmented area, which will go even darker over the next few hours.  The area will look a bit dark for about a week.  Then it will slough off leaving clear fresh new skin.  In the cases of facial veins, the energy is absorbed by the blood vessels.  the energy is then transformed into heat which causes a thermocoagulation of the blood vessels.  The clogged vessel is then absorbed by the surrounding tissue.